BBB, Dell, Microsoft, Others Partner Against Identity Theft

identity theft

Founding members of the Identity Theft Prevention and Identity Management Standards Panel also include AT&T, Citi, ChoicePoint, Intersections Inc., Staples Inc., TransUnion and Visa U.S.A.

The IDSP will have two main charges, officials said. First, it will identify and catalogue existing standards and guidelines related to ID theft. Secondly, it will identify areas where updated or new standards are needed, and push the standards development community toward addressing the shortfalls.

Issues to be explored by the IDSP include managing access, storage and disposal of customer and employee data, personnel qualifications and training for the handling of sensitive data, criteria for selecting data contractors, and recapturing and restoring the integrity of stolen identities.

The group, which will post information on its Web site, plans to have its own set of requirements and best practices available in 12 to 18 months.

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