Trend Micro Security Suite Matches Microsoft On Price

PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 comes with a price tag identical to OneCare -- $49.95 for a three-PC family license -- and includes anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, and anti-phishing defenses; a personal firewall; and wireless and Smart phone protections.

Sold by annual subscription, the suite also boasts access to TrendSecure, Trend Micro's new online security services. Trend Micro is positioning TrendSecure, which offers tools to encrypt folders and protect users who surf from public PCs, such as those at Internet cafes, as a step toward online-delivered software-as-a-service.

"This is a hybrid of software and services," said Lane Bess, the global general manager of consumer products and services at Trend. "TrendSecure is a collection of Web services and [shows] a shift in our direction."

The move also allowed TrendSecure to offload some components to the Web, which was important because consumers want smaller-footprint security software, Bess argued.

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Like Microsoft, with its OneCare software, and its traditional rivals -- Symantec and McAfee -- Trend moved toward an annual subscription model with the 2007 edition. "I think this is the last version [of Internet Security] where we'll attach a date," Bess said. "We're really looking to move away from annual releases and toward an 8- to 12-week cycle on updating features and services."

Trend also matched Microsoft's price and three-PC license, something McAfee didn't when it released its revamped consumer software this summer. (Symantec has not yet disclosed price or licensing plans for Norton 360, its next-generation consumer package.) "The consumer doesn't want to buy a copy for each PC in the house, they want to buy a service or a subscription."

Although it competes with Microsoft for consumer security dollars, Trend is also closely cooperating with the Redmond, Wash. developer on Vista in order to make sure its follow-on efforts work well with the next version of Windows.

"I think consumers will feel Vista is more secure, but that they'll say 'I still need to buy a security service,'" Bess said. "We plan to sync the release of our Vista security product as closely as possible with the OS's release."

PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 is available immediately.