Symantec Exec: Security, Storage Opportunities On the Rise

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Bregman, executive vice president and CTO at Cupertino, Calif.-based Symantec, said that as data becomes more accessible, corporations take on more risk.

"The risks we see for enterprises are harder and harder to manage. The threat landscape is changing. What we're seeing now is that threats are much more silent and unnoticed," he said, contrasting today's economically motivated attacks to the vandalism-type attacks of several years ago.

As enterprise messaging, particularly e-mail, has become mission-critical for most organizations, securing it has moved up the priority list for IT departments, Bregman said.

"Typically, 75 percent of a company's intellectual property is contained in e-mail," he said, adding that growth in e-mail and messaging is driving storage growth.

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Businesses also are struggling with regulatory compliance, and approximately 70 percent of enterprises must deal with multiple mandates, many of which overlap and conflict, according to Bregman.

"It's equally important to be able to prove you are in compliance as it is to be in compliance -- sometimes more," he said.

Symantec has been rolling out suites of tools that help customers address all of these issues, Bregman said. "If you can protect yourself more efficiently ... it allows you to focus more money and more time on the top line to grow the business," he added.