AMD Unveils New Program To Embolden Partners


Sunnyvale, Calif.-based AMD said consolidating the separate desktop and server programs under one umbrella program with rigorous validation and testing and post-sales service and support, will help partners drive commercial solutions to the market.

One year ago, the company introduced a Commercial Stable Image program (CSIP) that provided system builders with a stable image for commercial desktops that remained consistent for a 15-month cycle.

AMD also launched three years ago a program for server partners called the Validated Server Program.

Now, AMD Validated Solutions (AVS), the union of the two programs, creates one coherent program with common attributes, a shared infrastructure and enhanced support, AMD said. Partners can depend on AMD to do the heavy lifting as it relates to validating solutions and tech support so partners can focus on sales, customer service and support and 48-hour warranty exchanges, said Gary Bixler, director of worldwide channel marketing at AMD. "It gives us the opportunity to develop one-stop-shopping networks for solution providers," he said.

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One major improvement is expedited work replacement warranties for server boards as well as processors, which will help channel partners replace faulty motherboards in the field more efficiently and less expensively, AMD said. Currently, AMD offers expedited warranties for processors, but not for motherboards.

As part of the announcement earlier this month, four motherboards using AMD Commercial Stable Image Platform (CSIP) chipsets became the first solutions to be validated under and supported by the AVS program. Validated Server Platforms will be added in 2007.

Todd Swank, director of marketing at Nor-tech, a system builder in Burnsville, Minn., said AVS will make AMD's commercial offerings more competitive with similar offerings from its rival. "It is a very valuable program," he said.

"It's great that AMD has put together this program to help those of us in the field configuring servers so we know which parts we should be quoting to match Intel's product line in quality, dependability and compatibility," Swank said.