Microsoft To Boost Code Protection In Visual Studio

Dotfuscator protects an IT shop's intellectual property through code obfuscation, encryption and randomization, which makes it difficult for an application to be reverse-engineered. The next version of the product will feature tight integration with the upcoming Visual Studio upgrade, code-named Orcas. Microsoft has not issued a firm date for the release of the application development suite.

Within Visual Studio, Dotfuscator will enable automatic resolution of build dependencies, seamless integration with other post-build processes, such as installation script generation; and a consistent means to manage obfuscation artifacts. The latter is expected to help streamline debugging, patch management and distributed development processes.

"Obfuscation is an important component of Microsoft's comprehensive application lifecycle management solution," Prashant Sridharan, group product manager in the Developer Division at Microsoft, said in a statement issued from the company's TechEd conference in Spain.

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