Startup BioPassword Aims To Boost Channel Ranks


BioPassword's technology analyzes a person's unique typing pattern and uses this data to authenticate users, building a unique biometric template that continually refines its accuracy over time.

Solution providers are gravitating to BioPassword because it's a two factor authentication method that provides a cheaper alternative to tokens. BioPassword's enterprise focused product works with Windows Active Directory and Citrix environments and gives companies in the financial and health-care industries a simple way to meet regulatory compliance directives.

"It's exciting because of its unique methodology for authentication and its ability to do it in such a different way," Pete Busam, COO at Decisive Business Solutions, a VAR in Pennsauken, N.J. "It's a new way of authentication that doesn't require you to carry extra devices, and it's much easier alternative for users than having an identity card and keyfob."

Issaquah, Wash.-based BioPassword, which currently has around 50 channel partners in North America and says it does all its business through the channel, is courting experienced security integrators that are familiar with Citrix and Microsoft environments, says Dean Bravos, vice president of worldwide sales.

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BioPassword doesn't plan to sign up a massive number of partners, but the vendor's program does have room for significant growth, Bravos said. "We have a long runway before we reach a situation where we have conflict due to us flooding the market with partners," he said.

Integrators with experience selling token-based solutions will find BioPassword to be a complementary addition to their portfolios, Bravos said.

BioPassword's channel team includes several former Watchguard employees, including Steve Crimmins, BioPassword regional vice president, John Somm, BioPassword senior sales engineer, and Bravos. Steve Moore, co-founder and former CEO of WatchGuard, is on BioPassword's board of directors

Two early Watchguard investors, OVP Venture Partners and RRE Ventures, have invested in Biopassword, and the vendor also counts Citrix among its venture backers.

The ties to Citrix and Watchguard bode well for the future of BioPassword's channel program, according to Busam. "Relationships are key in this business, and those guys have experience building strong relationships in the channel," he said.