Tripwire Update Earns VAR Praise

Tripwire's software detects unauthorized changes to customers' IT systems, as well as configuration errors and compliance policy violations. The tool sits at the intersection of operations and security.

The update will ease the burden on systems administrators, according to Tripwire reseller Lenny Zeltser, information security practice leader at Gemini Systems, New York-based systems integrator.

"What you really want to do is only notify administrators about changes that are truly important, the changes they should do something about," Zeltser said. "In this release, Tripwire has really improved its ability to allow me, when I'm configuring it, to only notify administrators about what's important."

Zeltser said Tripwire has become a valuable addition to his software arsenal, and he frequently deploys the application on client projects. Financial services companies, with their heavy compliance burdens and willingness to invest in top-notch security protections, have been among the most receptive adopters, he added.

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"When I come to an organization to do a security audit, when I see an organization that has strong controls around change management, often that has a strong correlation to how well their systems are being protected," Zeltser said.

Trial editions of Tripwire's software are available for download on the company's Web site. In a CRN Test Center review of Tripwire's previous version, the software drew praise for its straightforward installation and strong reporting features.