StillSecure Unveils Open-Source Development Framework

Cobia can be deployed as an appliance, as a software-only solution or as a VMWare instance, and its modular architecture lets users add features through plug-and-play security and networking modules, said Mitchell Ashley, CTO at StillSecure, based in Superior, Colo.

StillSecure, which began OEMing its flagship SafeAccess network access control solution to Extreme Networks two years ago, believes that elements of security belong in the network and not always as stand-alone appliances, Ashley said.

"Instead of physically tying services to a piece of hardware, now they can live anywhere on the network," Ashley said.

StillSecure is offering Cobia through a dual-use license, with commercial licenses for partners that bundle Cobia with appliances or that want to develop modules on top of the Cobia platform, according to Ashley. Cobia can also be used strictly as a platform to create software.

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Ashley predicted that most StillSecure channel partners will initially be interested in bundling Cobia with hardware.

"We see opportunities for partners to bundle Cobia with a rackable appliance, as well as take advantage of services revenue from installation, configuration, monitoring and network design," Ashley said.

The vendor is also offering Cobia through a community-based license to spur development of Cobia within a community that now includes more than 1000 users.

"We're taking this approach because we believe open-sourcing Cobia will increase its adoption more rapidly and also foster more rapid innovation," Ashley said.