ZoneAlarm Free For the Day

Software download Windows firewall

Check Point is additionally offering a free download of its brand-new ZoneAlarm ForceField virtual browser (beta version).

"Check Point is offering this promotion to urge consumers to always patch their operating systems and browsers whenever updates are available, and to remind PC users to take extra precautions to protect their computers for those times when a specific patch may not be available," said a Check Point spokesperson.

Solution providers should remind their customers that browser and operating system vulnerabilities crop up unexpectedly, so it is crucial to take a proactive approach.

"In addition to keeping their systems up-to-date with the latest security patches, it also remains crucial for consumer to utilize security software that offers multiple layers of protection against both known and unknown threats," Laura Yecies, vice president and general manager of Check Point's ZoneAlarm consumer division said in a statement.

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