Trend Micro DLP Solution Focuses on Employee Education


"The major focus is on the employee and how we can interact and educate the employee," says Glen Kosaka, director of marketing, Trend DLP Business Unit. [LeakProof 3.0] make it simple and easy to create powerful policies that don't require a huge system integration process."

Through dialogue boxes, called "danger alerts," IT managers can control and customize how alerts are relayed to the employee and the steps an employee might need to take when handling sensitive information. The software also comes equipped with an encryption facility, which allows IT managers to require employees to encrypt information before sending it out or putting it on a USB drive.

The overall effect, Kosaka says, is to emphasize the importance of employee awareness. "I've heard feedback from many of our customers who say this is critical," he says. His colleague, John Racioppi, general manager of Trend DLP Business Unit agrees, saying this product will give channel partners focused on security something new they can go to customers with. "It's the beginning of a broad market adoption," he says, referring to LeakProof's simplicity an ease of integration.

"If you really look at where the data leakage comes from, it comes from inadvertent exposure of sensitive information," he says. "That becomes an education issue -- what we're providing is a tool that allows you to do that in a non-intrusive mechanism."

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Just how the message is crafted is adaptable to the client's particular requirements. "It's up to the customer what the messaging is," says Kosaka. "Some may take a more softball approach, while others are going to chose messages that are a lot more in-your-face, for lack of a better word."

LeakProof 3.0 is available directly from Provilla through the end of 2007. In the first quarter of 2008 it will be available through select Trend Micro global sales channels.