Symantec Releases Norton AntiVirus 11 for Leopard


The new Norton AntiVirus features advanced vulnerability protection technology, which delivers protection through Internet-connected applications. It also features a sleeker, redesigned user interface as well as enhanced performance. Plus, the new Norton Antivirus for Mac also incorporates more discreet security alerts, which allows users to conduct online activities without disruption.

In light of the high percentage of attacks occurring at the Web application level, Symantec execs say that the new product addresses evolving and growing security needs.

The new product provides an extra layer of protection for the Mac platform against vulnerability-based attacks, preventing threats from infecting systems and deleting and blocking malware and viruses from being installed when users download photos, software or music.

Norton Antivirus 11 also incorporates more inclusive scanning capabilities, detecting and removing viruses and worms, preventing virus infected e-mail from spreading and protecting against other types of attacks. Mac users will be protected after being sent a macro virus from a PC -- the product scans both platforms for viruses and other types of malware.

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In addition, the new software offers less impact on system startup, allowing users to continue to be online without slowing their systems or productivity. Automatic product, virus definition and vulnerability protection updates are done unobtrusively in the background.