Secure Computing Releases Password Product For Windows

Providing a solution that addresses increasing vulnerability of common and even not-so-common passwords, Secure Computing announced the release of its new SafeWord 2008, a new version of the company's two-factor authentication solution, specifically designed for the Windows environment.

Specifically, the new solution, announced last week, entails user-friendly tokens, which protect user identity with a one-time, changing password.

"What we're trying to do is restrict access," said Stuart Ranch, director of product marketing for Secure Computing. "If you have a secure mechanism to protect that, you can't even get in the front door."

Most end users have a common set of static passwords, or will use one password for multiple applications, including banking and other financial accounts, said Ranch. "The problem is that passwords are very vulnerable to being broken," he said. "The bottom line is, passwords are not a good mechanism to protect user identity."

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Until now, that is. The new security solution will block unauthenticated users at the point of entry with a password that never stays the same. End users log in to the access page with a user name. However, instead of a password, users push a button on a token, which provides a 6-digit passcode, along with their pin. With the two-factor authentication, the user's pin number provides an extra layer of protection, should the tokens get lost or stolen, Ranch said.

"The user experience is extremely easy," said Ranch. "It's intuitive. It's really zero footprint."

The solution spans the market segments from mid-tier businesses that need an accessible and affordable security solution, as well as large vertical enterprises, such as government agencies or healthcare industries, with copious amounts of sensitive data and thousands of mobile devices and network entry points.

"Companies are increasingly trying to open up those networks to a larger constituency," said Ranch. "The bottom line is that there are a lot more people trying to access (those networks) from a lot more locations."

The new SafeWord 2008, which is tailored for the latest 64-bit Windows, including Vista and Windows 2008 Server, is also designed to integrate effortlessly with the Microsoft Active Directory, essentially "double checking" the database of legitimate users to create a positive proof of identity.

In addition, the complete solution includes license, a first year of support, and tokens, which are offered with a lifetime warranty. The entire package can be offered to channel partners' customer base along with other products and services.

Secure Computing execs maintain that SafeWord addresses the increasing need to protect critical assets located on Citrix applications, VPN, Web applications and Outlook Web Access -- which have become increasingly susceptible to malicious external attacks.

"It's not just your company's information, it's also credit card data," said Ranch. "Nobody wants that kind of bad press."