Stolen Mac Used To Arrest Suspected Laptop Thieves

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The Mac laptop, which was reported stolen Friday in The Journal News, belonged to Kait Duplaga, a tech-savvy woman who worked at the Apple Store in the Westchester mall.

The suspected thieves then used her stolen computer to access the Internet, following the robbery. Duplaga's friend sent her a text message saying that she appeared to be online. Duplaga remotely logged onto her computer from another Mac using the "Back to My Mac" program, where she found that the thieves were attempting to use her computer to buy furniture.

Once she had access to her computer, Duplaga was able to use the Webcam to snap a photograph of the culprit in the act of using her stolen Mac, which she turned over to the White Plains Police Department.

Upon realizing that the camera was activated, the thieves attempted to cover the camera with their hands, but were unsuccessful, according to the New York Times.

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Edmon Shahikian, 23, of Katonah and Ian Frias, 20, of the Bronx were arrested at their homes Wednesday evening and charged with second-degree burglary and fourth degree possession of stolen property. Shahikian was released on $3,500 bail, while Frias remains at Westchester County with $7,500 bail.

Police said that both Shahikian and Frias had altogether pilfered about $5,000 worth of electronics, including another laptop, two flat-screen televisions, two iPods, gaming equipment and DVDs from the victim's home. Almost all of the victim's stolen equipment was found in the two men's homes.

Frias and Shahikian had been guests at a party at Duplaga's apartment in White Plains weeks before and knew her through mutual friends.

"Back to My Mac" is part of Apple's online service that allows users to gain access to their computer's entire hard drive from any connected Mac that uses the Leopard operating system. Duplaga was able to take a picture of the criminals with the software PhotoBooth, a standard application on newer Apple laptops.