Vendors Unveil WLAN Security Products

Highwall Technologies said it is shipping its Rogue Detection System 2.0, which it claimed in a statement makes it easier for network managers to detect and locate rogue devices. The company said that the system uses amplification and special antennas, which enables a single hardware system to monitor a five-floor building.

The system is comprised of a management console, an element that monitors airwaves for all 802.11 devices. The system is available now for $14,000.

Another vendor, Interlink Networks, announced its LucidLink Wireless Security product, which it claims provides enterprise-level security but is as easy enough to use that non-technical people can set it up. The company claimed that the product enables small businesses to set up strong wireless security in 15 minutes.

The system provides both security and access control, can automatically configure access points and routers if they are 802.1x/WPA-compatible and has a management console simple enough for non-technical users to use, the company said. The company said its security provides protection equal to 802.1x.

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The company said the system will be available later this month for $449 for 10 users.

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