Trend Micro Ups Security

The latest version of OSCE includes new technology to combat threats such as the recent Sasser worm variants, which rely more on the network to wage their assaults than on e-mail attachments or other file-based methods, said Bob Hansmann, director of product marketing at Trend Micro, Cupertino, Calif.

The upgrade to OSCE also adds protection against spyware, adware and dialers, and includes an enterprise client firewall, giving the software the ability to enable and disable ports--a key feature in stopping worms such as Sasser, which exploit port-related vulnerabilities.

OSCE also got a boost last week when Cisco agreed to add Trend Micro's network worm and virus signatures to its Intrusion Detection System. OSCE will be integrated with Cisco's Network Admissions Control program, which enables Cisco routers to analyze client devices to detect whether virus definitions are up to date.

Trend Micro's second new product, IWSS v2.0, increases network security by monitoring for malicious code transmitted by certain Web sites, or from client infections such as spyware. IWSS can monitor code running in and out of an organization, preventing spyware from sending data, Hansmann said.

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Wes Parker, sales representative at Stalwart Systems, a security solution provider in Charlotte, N.C., said improvements to OSCE should impress customers who, in past engagements, opted for security tools other than Trend Micro's.

"I feel Trend has shown a lot of foresight [with OSCE] and are in step with my customers," Parker said.