Highwall RDS Nabs Rogue Wi-Fi Devices

"Expanded range means complete coverage of large buildings with a single appliance," said Rich Swier, CEO of the Sarasota, Fla.-based security vendor. "That means a lower cost to deploy it, maintain it and upgrade it."

The Highwall Rogue Detection System (RDS) includes a wireless network appliance, dubbed the Highwall Sentinel, that monitors airwaves for Wi-Fi activity. The Highwall RDS also includes the Highwall Scout, which is a multidirectional smart antenna to extend the range farther and provide location information about wireless clients and networks.

Also part of the Highwall RDS is the Management Console, a Web-based application that displays a single dashboard screen view to allow management of multiple Sentinels across multiple locations.

The Highwall RDS' starting price is $14,000, which includes a Highwall Sentinel, two Highwall Scouts and the Management Console. Each product can also be purchased separately. A Highwall Starter Kit for channel partners, which consists of one Sentinel Model 500 and Sentinel Management Console, starts at $1,495.

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Linda Klingensmith, manager of business partner development at GTSI, said the Chantilly, Va.-based government-focused solution provider recently signed on as a Highwall partner. Klingensmith said that while GTSI has not yet deployed the solution at a client site, she's impressed with the ease of installation, interoperability with other network management software and competitive price.

"It's fantastic. You turn it on and it quickly detects all of the wireless devices in the room," said Klingensmith. "It works, it's easy to use and it's reasonably priced."