Sourcefire Unveils Training Program For Snort

Sourcefire, whose founder and CTO Martin Roesch developed Snort, has begun a program to train Sourcefire customers, resellers, technology partners, security professionals and the Open Source Snort community on how to optimize Snort-based Sourcefire products. The effort offers education on Sourcefire's full 3D product suite, which includes Intrusion Sensors, RNA and Defense Center.

Called the Sourcefire Security Education Program, the initiative combines classroom, lecture and lab exercises to give participants a comprehensive, real-world tutorial on deploying, managing and using the Columbia, Md.-based vendor's security solutions. Participants also get a one-time guarantee that they can repeat the same class free within six months. And companies get a guarantee that if an employee who begins a course leaves the company within 60 days after completing the class, a new employee can enroll in the same class within six months at no charge, according to Sourcefire.

"To use Snort most effectively, the security professional must understand the power of the technology and the rules that make it work," Roesch said in a statement. "IT executives around the world know and trust Snort to help protect their networks. Now they can trust the creators of Snort to provide one of the most useful training programs in the industry to help them make their security policies even more effective."

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