M86 Security Buys Finjan, Boosts Malware Detection Technology

Finjan enhances M86's existing Web and e-mail security technologies with realtime content inspection and code analysis technology aimed at identifying malware delivered via the Internet, along with malware detection capabilities designed to address Web threats not recognized by traditional signature-based technologies.

"We think this is a huge opportunity to take advantage of a market that's growing at 25 percent. Most of the big guys are going after it," said John Vigouroux, who left the CEO position at Finjan in April to become CEO of M86.

Vigouroux said that acquiring both behavior-based and realtime malware inspection technologies was a logical step for the company, in light of multiple waves of rapidly evolving threats targeting Web 2.0 applications.

"The landscape has dramatically changed on the Web. Signature-based, traditional antivirus -- they're just not protecting them from this stuff attacking the Web," he said. "The bad guys have figured out how to get around the signature-based behavioral protection."

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Realtime malware detection technologies gained from the Finjan acquisition eventually will be integrated into comprehensive suites of products that combine behavioral analysis technologies, reporting and Web filtering capabilities with realtime content inspection and antimalware protection for both Web and e-mail traffic.

Vigouroux said the acquisition rounds out the company's portfolio, which now includes both e-mail and Web gateway security on appliances, software and SaaS solutions, putting the company "toe to toe" with larger competitors.

Under the terms of the agreement, M86, based in Orange, Calif., will integrate Finjan's global operations, products and technology and maintain its development center and operations in Netanya, Israel. M86 will also integrate Finjan's security labs and Malicious Code Research Center into its own Security Labs to form a comprehensive e-mail and Web threat research organization, as well as acquiring license to Finjan's patents.

The Finjan deal, which brings the number of M86's employees to more than 300, is the company's second acquisition in the past six months. M86 acquired Avinti, specializing in behavior-based security technology, in March. Meanwhile, M86 is also the result of a comprehensive merger that integrated Marshal and 8e6 Technologies in November 2008.

Previously, Finjan had extensive inroads to the enterprise but lacked strong distribution, particularly in the U.S., company executives said. The deal, which essentially doubles the size of M86's channel, also allows partners to target U.S. markets, as well as existing markets in Europe, South Africa and the Middle East.