Twitter Hit By Alleged Iranian Hackers


A group calling itself the Iranian Cyber Army claimed responsibility for the hack.

A posting on Twitter's blog said the attack temporarily compromised Twitter's Domain Name Service, which resulted in users being redirected to a fake domain with an anti-American message. The Twitter site itself, including platform applications and microblogging applications plugged directly into the site's API, were unaffected.

Users were redirected to a site that, in broken English, said the hackers criticized the U.S. for sanctions on Iran, according to a story published by the BBC. "USA think they controlling and managing Internet by their access, but they don't, we control and manage Internet by our power," the message said, according to the BBC.

The Twitter blog said the site was affected for an hour and a quarter.

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The hackers also attacked the site, which is run by supporters of the reformist candidates in Iran's June election, the BBC said.