Napolitano Launches Cybersecurity Contest


The DHS' National Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign Challenge is a contest aimed at attracting attention to the issues affecting American computer systems and protecting classified networks from criminal intrusion.

Napolitano stressed that this will not just be a DHS project, but one that will seek to involve the public through an open campaign for submissions. Creative proposals will be accepted until April 30 via, after which the selected winners will develop the actual campaign alongside DHS.

"All Americans have an important role to play in securing our computer systems and cyber networks," Napolitano said in a statement. "We are challenging our nation's best and brightest to utilize their expertise and creativity to devise new ways to engage the public in the shared responsibility of safeguarding our cyber resources and information."

Napolitano signaled her commitment to strengthening the DHS' protection efforts and making cybersecurity more of a priority. She also said the government agency is working with the private sector on protecting computer networks, including training more than 14,000 critical infrastructure protection professionals across the United States.

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