Apple Dev Team To Release Jailbreak For iPhone 4


The iPhone Dev Team, an infamous hacking group bent on breaking into Apple devices, has yet to officially release the software for the iPhone 4 jailbreak, contending that it is still in beta and needs some tweaking before it's made available to the public.

The jailbreak was demonstrated by Dev Team member PlanetBeing. Meanwhile, PlanetBeing and another iPhone Dev Team member who executed the jailbreak, were working simultaneously on two different methods of unlocking device. The iPhone Dev Team will determine which methods to incorporate into its final release once the bugs have been worked out of each.

That said, bloggers anticipate that the iPhone 4 jailbreak is just days out from being released, in light of the fact that Apple will be issuing a new firmware update, iOS 4.0.1 or v4.1, for the iPhone 4, 3GS and 3g, which the company claims will include a fix for the device's faulty antenna. Not coincidentally,

Thus far, images and video have appeared online of the brand new unlocked iPhone 4 running alternative carriers. The iPhone Dev Team members have said that the endeavor required them to completely rewrite the ultrasn0 w software, due to the fact that Apple implemented a new baseband OS in its device.

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Once the jailbreak software is released, users in the U.S. will be able to switch the iPhone to alternative carriers other than Apple's exclusive AT&T, and download apps not available from the company's App Store. That bodes well for U.S. users stuck with AT&T, although the iPhone is available on multiple carriers in other regions, such as the U.K., France and Canada.

Until now, U.S. users could feasibly buy the new iPhone 4 abroad and import it back if they didn't want to be strapped with AT&T on their iPhones.

Over the years, iPhone Dev Team has been a constant source of aggravation for Apple by routinely -- and publicly-- breaking into every one of Apple's devices. Naturally, the iPhone 4 will be no exception.