Citi: iPhone Banking App Contains Security Flaw

According to Citi, the original version of the banking app accidentally saves account information into hidden files on a user's iPhone. First reported by The Wall Street Journal, the Citi app may have saved customer information such as bill payment records and personal access codes, and if customers synced their iPhone with a personal computer, that information might have been saved there, as well.

In a statement released Monday to numerous news outlets, Citi confirmed the flaw.

"During a recent review, we discovered that our U.S. Citi Mobile iPhone banking app was accidentally saving information related to customer accounts in a hidden file on their iPhones. This information may also have been saved on their computer if they had been synchronizing their iPhone with their computer via iTunes," said a statement from Citi attributed to spokesperson Natalie Riper.

Citi released a new version of the app, version 2.0.3, on July 19, and notified Citi customers who might be affected in a letter on July 20.

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According to the Journal,, Citi said other Citi applications appearing in Apple's App Store, such as an app for Citi credit card use, aren't affected.