Intel Is Watching: Chipmaker Talks New Surveillance And Security Solutions


Intel talked about its plans to push hard into new technology fields at the Intel Channel Alliance Summit last week, touting adjacent technologies that it feels are becoming more and more PC-like. Rather than focusing on just desktops, notebooks and servers, Intel hopes to expand its business by going after new technologies like digital signage and security that are adopting processors in solutions.

While digital surveillance and security (DSS) isn’t wholly unknown to vendors and solution providers, there is still plenty of room for money to be made, according to Todd Matsler, LEPP segment manager for Intel.

“Over the next five years we expect to see 15 to 20 percent growth in this space,” said Matsler. “There’s a lot of opportunity for companies to get involved in IP cameras, encoders and other hardware.”

Matsler highlighted three trends driving the DSS market: IP video, high definition and video analytics. Each of these growth areas provides opportunities for vendors and solution to provide hardware pieces in an overall bundle to take advantage of the new trends.

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While there is a lot of market share to be had, Matsler was quick to point out that these trends are already happening in the DSS field. “It’s debatable on how soon these trends will blow, but we believe it will happen in the next five years,” he said.

The market segments for DSS are also developing quickly. Right now Intel sees strong plays for Intel chips in DSS solutions in places like border crossings, transportation hubs and schools.

Intel is also relying on the fact that customers already know the product that would be placed in the embedded devices -- the cameras, encoders, DVRs and others -- because each solution is based on a chip that is familiar, such as the Atom, Core i5 and i7, depending on the deployment.