Booming Mobile App Market Could Mean More Security Sales

The mobile app industry will almost triple in 2011 to $15.1 billion, according to a recent report from Gartner -- which means there is an opportunity for solution providers to not only sell and develop more mobile applications, but also to create security solutions.

The boon is powered by an increase in Google's Android market, according to the research firm. In addition, Gartner said that Apple will still lead the app charge through 2014, but its market share will drop from its current 90 percent.

Securing all those mobile devices that are downloading all those apps -- 81 percent of which will be available at no charge this year, according to reports -- will become a challenge for enterprises. That challenge can translate into dollars, solution providers said.

"The hottest security trend right now is in mobility," said Gary Fish, president and CEO of FishNet Security. "Everyone wants to use their personal mobile devices at work. The challenge ahead is figuring out how to do that securely: How to keep personal data separate from work. We'll be finding solutions to make them more secure."

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