Websense Streamlines E-mail, Web Security

Websense's three-prong attack includes a trio of new products: the flagship Websense TRITON Security Gateway Anywhere, which ties together Websense Web and E-mail Security Gateway technology in a hybrid model that also features data loss prevention (DLP) to create a unified content security gateway on a single Websense V-Series appliance; the Websense TRITON Enterprise, which features a full license for all Websense Web, E-mail and Data Security modules wherever and however they need, whether deployed on Websense V-Series appliances, in Websense's global SaaS infrastructure or in a combined hybrid form; and the Websense E-mail Security Gateway Anywhere, a hybrid e-mail security product that integrates full DLP.

The new offerings are built on Websense's modular TRITON architecture so partners can expand customer coverage and security services as needed while prepping for future offerings with support for soon-to-be released Websense Mobile DLP and Cloud DLP services.

Dave Meizlik, Websense's director of product marketing for Web and data security, said more organizations are leveraging the social Web, mobility and cloud computing and traditional protection methods like firewall UTMs, anti-virus and URL filtering are ill-equipped to adapt.

As social networking security threats continue to grow and more content is moving over the Web and via e-mail, there is an increased risk for data loss and attacks from modern malware, he added. It's no longer about network perimeter or standard endpoint protection; the focus has turned to securing the content itself, Meizlik said.

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"They need a blended set of security technologies for blended styles of threats," he said, adding that Websense's goal is "keeping bad content out and good content secure."

To respond to the new paradigm, Meizlik said, Websense is arming channel partners with the three new Web and e-mail security offerings. The San Diego-based company has invested three years and more than $500 million in R&D to build out its content securing capabilities.

The E-mail Security Gateway Anywhere ties in spam protection, anti-virus, reputation services and DLP. Because it is a hybrid model, all inbound e-mail messages are filtered out through Websense's SaaS infrastructure and all outbound pass through an on-premise system. Meanwhile, the TRITON Security Gateway Anywhere is a combination of both e-mail and Web security; and the TRITON Enterprise combines all Websense capabilities, Meizlik said.

Meizlik said the new e-mail and Web protection tools will be rolled out to Websense's channel over the next couple of weeks. Meizlik said it gives the channel an opportunity to move their customer bases off of traditional e-mail and Web security software and onto a hybrid appliance and SaaS model. But the true value for partners is the services opportunity, he said.

"The significant value for the customer and the significant value for the partner is the services opportunity and the value add," he said, adding that partners can offer their clients an all-in-one option when many competitors offer the same capabilities as separate line items. That translates to savings for the customers and helps partners make the sale, he said.

Additionally, the new e-mail and Web security offerings feature a unified back-end database and a single management console, Meizlik said.

Meizlik said Websense E-Mail Security Gateway Anywhere lists at about $13 per user, TRITON Security Gateway runs about $56 per user and TRITON Enterprise is $70 per user. And the V10000 appliance is $16,000.

"This isn't watered down security technology," Meizlik said. "This is best-of-breed technology across Web, e-mail and data security."