Kaspersky's Channel In 2011: 'Laser Focus'

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Kaspersky Lab will lean on its channel harder than ever in 2011 and have a "laser focus in working with partners," Nancy Reynolds, Kaspersky's senior vice president of corporate sales and support, told a room full of partners Friday at Kaspersky's Partner Conference.

According to Reynolds, the Moscow-based endpoint security player is coming off a successful 2010 where small business sales were up 46 percent in North America; mid-market sales jumped 53 percent in North America and enterprise sales skyrocketed 115 percent in North America.

That "up and to the right" growth was fueled by Kaspersky's 2010 mission to be smarter than, faster than and better than the competition with the mix of the right partners, the right resources and the right people -- Kaspersky roughly doubled its sales staff from 2009 to 2010.

But Kaspersky won't rest on its laurels in 2011. The company will focus heavily on partner relationships and helping them evolve into business partnerships, Reynolds said.

And part of that mutual business plan will require partners to ask themselves two questions: Does it matter? And does it matter now?

Kaspersky will "move the stuff off and really focus on what matters to partners' businesses," Reynolds said, noting that Kaspersky is entering 2011 with a "less is more" attitude.

"Healthy margins and healthy partners doesn't mean more partners," she said.

To enable the channel, Kaspersky established a 12-member partner advisory council to be a conduit between partners and the company.

"We've always been a wildly successful company, and we want to make sure we don't screw it up," Reynolds said.

But the main goal in 2011 is to continue to execute.

"If at the end of the day we're not executing with every single partner...we haven't done our job."

And to execute, Kaspersky will roll out a host of new programs and incentives, including launching a new partner portal that streamlines the disparate portals of the past and putts all information, tools and programs in a single clean and intuitive interface, which is also customizable.

Gary Mullen, Kaspersky's vice president of corporate marketing, said Kaspersky will also launch the Kaspersky Total Rewards Program to incent and attract top partners.


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