Trend Micro Flexes Data Protection Muscle With Massive RSA Conference Launch

RSA Conference 2011

Trend Micro's blockbuster RSA launch focuses on the triumvirate of data protection and security: DLP, encryption and device control, said Mark Bloom, Trend Micro global product marketing manager. According to Bloom, Trend Micro's launch comes as users look to lower their risks and lower their costs and comes as users want to consumer device protection as an added capability.

"Were enabling customers and partners to secure and protect data and giving them the freedom to move data between devices and the cloud," he said.

And with the massive launch, Bloom said Trend Micro can whittle data protection costs down to an average of $10 per user in many cases.

The new DLP products include Trend Micro DLP Endpoint 5.5, which eases deployment with a workflow navigation wizard and includes data stealing malware detection leveraging Trend Micro Smart Protection Network infrastructure; and Trend Micro DLP Network Monitor 2.0, which monitors and reports on data loss at network egress points, including data stealing malware detection, and is centrally managed through the DLP Management console.

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For encryption, Trend Micro launched Endpoint Encryption, which offers centrally-managed data encryption for PCs, notebooks, laptops, tablets and smartphones; and Endpoint Encryption For Removable Media, formerly known as Mobile Armor FileArmor and PolicyServer, which offers protection for files and folders for internal storage, removable media and portable storage devices.

Trend Micro also launched SecureCloud 1.1. at RSA Conference. SecureCloud offers policy-based key management and data encryption for public and private clouds. Users can manage encryption keys from Amazon EC2, Eucalyptus and VMware vCloud environments from Trend Micro's hosted SecureCloud service or from a SecureCloud key server running in their data center.

Other Trend Micro RSA launches include Data Privacy and Encryption Module for Trend Micro InterScan Messaging Security Virtual Appliance, which adds pre-defined compliance policies and e-mail encryption capabilities integrated into and managed by the gateway e-mail security solution; Data Protection Services, which combine Project Consulting Services and Technical Account Management Services; and Trend Micro WorryFree Business Security 7, a small business offering for discovering, monitoring and preventing accidental or deliberate loss of information and data via e-mail, USB drives and other attached devices.

"We now have the ability to create a centralized policy manager in the enterprise from the endpoint to the cloud," Bloom said of the eight new offerings, which he added can play in small businesses and large enterprises, though the sweet spot is in the medium enterprise with 200 to 5,000 seats.

Bloom said the launch at RSA is a turnaround on how Trend Micro originally tackled encryption, data protection and device control, in that this builds a cohesive framework, not a smattering or disparate point products.

"We hadn't looked at things holistically in the past," he said. "We're creating a consistent policy framework with a consistent look and feel. This adds consistency across products and creates a multi-year data protection evolution."

Bloom said sales and channel enablement efforts around the new product set will come this month.