Security Goes Small: Kaspersky Eyes Small Offices With Security Suite

Small office security is creating new opportunities for solution providers, and Kaspersky Lab this week launched a new security play that targets companies with as few as five PCs.

Kaspersky first hinted at the Kaspersky Small Office Security last month at its partner conference. The Internet security solution comes in two flavors: ene for companies with five PCs and one server, and another for 10 PC and one server environments.

"There is no one-size fits all when it comes to Internet security," said Randy Drawas, Kaspersky chief marketing officer. "Installing the wrong solution can lead to the kinds of headaches and inefficiencies that can drive up a business' operating expenses, let alone greater frustrations for the small business owner."

Kaspersky Small Office Security gives small office environments protection from viruses, spyware and other forms of malicious software while also featuring centralized management from a single PC. The company said the KSOS play frees small companies and offices from having to use larger, more complex security offerings designed for bigger environments.

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According to Kaspersky, solution providers can get their small office customers up to speed with security. From one PC administrators can ensure that each of their PCs feature up-to-date anti-malware. Using KSOS, small office users can set security policies; run scans; fix security issues; administer and monitor employee Web access policies to enforce Web usage and access policies; and renew and update security licenses. Additionally, KSOS offers data protection measures that ensure data is stored, backed up, accessed and deleted securely. It offers data encryption, a file shredder and integrated password manager.

"Lots of small business owners have realized that no company is too small to be a victim of cybercrime, and they are coming to us looking for guidance," said John LoConte, principal at KDSA Consulting, a North Andover, Mass.-based solution provider. "These business owners often don't have a background in security or IT, so finding the appropriate combination of technology and advice has been a challenge. The market absolutely needs better technology geared specifically for small offices."

The KSOS is available now in bundles of five PC licenses and one server license for $199.95 per year or 10 PC licenses and one server license for $399.95 per year.