Kaspersky's Son Kidnapped In Moscow: Reports

Russian secret service and the Moscow police have all been searching for Ivan Kaspersky for the past two days, when he reportedly first went missing.

News of the possible abduction was first reported by Life News, a Russian news Web site. The kidnappers allegedly are demanding $4.3 million in exchange for Ivan Kaspersky's safe return. Kaspersky Lab did not immediately respond to inquiries from CRN.

Ivan Kaspersky is the son of Eugene and his ex-wife Natalya, Kaspersky Lab co-founder and chairwoman. Unconfirmed reports suggest that he was taken while on his way to work at InfoWatch, owned by his mother, in Moscow on Tuesday.

Upon receiving word of the kidnapping, Eugene Kaspersky, who had been attending an InfoSec event in London, reportedly flew to Moscow where Ivan was allegedly abducted, according to the Life News site.

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Eugene Kaspersky has been hailed as one of Russia's few entrepreneurial success stories, making waves in the security space and nipping at the heels of industry giants such as Symantec and McAfee with antivirus software.

Kaspersky is regarded as one of Russia's wealthiest men, and ranking just outside the Forbes' 100 wealthiest people in that country.

Kaspersky Lab has received numerous awards and critical acclaims, including top honors for CRNs Annual Report Card, for outstanding channel program.