LulzSec Strikes Again, Hits CIA, Senate Web Sites


"Tango the lulz," the group wrote on Twitter, CBS News Reported.

The CIA Web site was down for part of Wednesday afternoon and appeared to be back up early evening, and a CIA spokesperson said an investigation was underway.

A U.S. Senate spokesperson confirmed the Senate site was hit, but said no proprietary information was accessed.

The LulzSec group has struck at a variety of organizations in recent weeks, including Sony’s PlayStation Network, the FBI, the International Monetary Fund, PBS and video game maker Bethesda Softworks.

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The motives of the group remain unclear, said a security expert earlier this week.

“It is difficult to explain random acts of sabotage and defacement, so I am not going to attempt to get into the heads of those behind these attacks,” Chester Wisniewski, Sophos senior security advisor, wrote in a blog post.