Microsoft Boo-Boo: Security Notice Updated 4 Days Early

Microsoft's Patch Tuesday, the regular once-a-month uploading of security updates for Microsoft's operating system and software applications, is scheduled for next Tuesday.

Microsoft on Thursday issued its normal advanced notification about upcoming security updates, which for the first time in the history of Patch Tuesday included no critical fixes.

However, the company on Friday went live with the full security bulletin which includes all the details of the patches. It was shortly pulled down from the Web, indicating an error on Microsoft's part.

In response to the mistaken release of the full security bulletin, Microsoft sent CRN a statement attributed to Dave Forstrom, director of trustworthy computing at Microsoft.

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"Microsoft inadvertently displayed draft text of September’s bulletin summary, five bulletins, and a security advisory update intended for release on Tuesday, Sept. 13," Forstrom said. "The draft text was removed as soon as the issue was discovered. We are not aware of any customer impact and are monitoring the issue. "