VPN Firm NCP Engineering Makes Government Inroads

NCP Engineering

Most recently, NCP's entire VPN product line became available through the U.S. General Service Administration (GSA) schedule, allowing the security firm to expand its government presence for channel partners aiming to edge into the public sector.

The GSA inclusion follows after the company signed a distribution deal with North American distributor SYNNEX last month.

The GSA Schedule, also known as the Federal Supply Schedule, offers government entities and public sector organizations a comprehensive list of available contracting vendors.

Subsequently, the inclusion on the GSA schedule enables state and local government resellers to access the company’s products through national distributor SYNNEX, effective immediately.

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Oleg Solodyankin, vice president at Network Design and Management, based in Spokane, Wash. and NCP Engineering partner, said the availability of the NCP product line on the GSA schedule would enable him to make greater inroads into the government space and obtain access to government clients and leads previously out of reach.

In particular Solodyankin said he intended to push farther into the health-care vertical and enterprise space, which he said would be boosted by the additional opportunities to market NCP by being on the government radar.

“It’s really going to help us to promote NCP better,” he said. “Now that this is going to be on the GSA schedule, we’ll be able to utilize that and get into sync with those larger accounts.”

Nancy Lam-Calderon, NCP Engineering director of Americas channel sales, said the GSA's action will open up new avenues for the company.

“Now we’re able to service a very niche market, and really solve their problems. This opens a lot of doors for us and our resellers,” said Lam-Calderon, adding that the previously, resellers had to overcome a lot of obstacles to obtain access to government clients.

“That was pretty tough for some of our resellers,” she said.

In addition, the GSA inclusion also makes the company more visible to high-profile government customers and public sector and government resellers, Lam-Calderon added.

“Now we’re able to reach a group of resellers and end users who have not been able to know our products,” Lam-Calderon said.

NCP’s full product line through the GSA includes NCP Secure Enterprise Management System, NCP Secure Enterprise VPN Server, NCP Secure Enterprise Client and the CNP Secure Entry Client.

The leap to the GSA schedule is the latest in NCP's recent endeavors to expand its channel. Last month, the company pushed into new markets and geographies by entering a distribution partnership with North American distributor SYNNEX, which agreed to promote and distribute NCP’s products through the channel to its resellers and systems integrators in the U.S.