Juniper Partners On SRX Issues: Forgiven But Not Forgotten

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Johnson and other executives pointed out that Juniper leads in security in a number of areas and that competitors such as Palo Alto and Check Point don't have its breadth of products.

"In the domain of security, there are lots and lots of very small companies focused on niches of security," Johnson said. "I think that's because the security threat landscape continues to evolve. It's a fragmented industry with lots of different players, and in a way that's good because it creates a broad system of innovators. At the end of the day, that does create complexity for the customer, and customers look for more of an end-to-end solution. That's our opportunity with the broad footprint we have of security in the network combined with the broad footprint we have on the end devices."

Most of Juniper's top security partners say they aren't worried. Juniper has done an especially good job of tying its security focus with its data center and infrastructure portfolios and creating a go-to-market message around integrated security features.

"I think Juniper has a good focus on tying security into ultimately where they want to go," said Gary Fish, president and CEO of FishNet Security, a Kansas City, Mo.-based solution provider. "Security has really been blended into that overall message."

Johnson also pointed out the rapid adoption of Junos Pulse, the security and management software that Juniper said is now used on more than 35 million mobile devices.

"They have an opportunity to lead in mobile device security," said Nexum's Lesser. "That's a very important piece that we are paying attention to."

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