FishNet Adds Security Event Management To Cloud Services

FishNet Security, a value-added reseller banking on cloud and mobile services to drive growth, launched Thursday a security event management service that complements the company's managed security product line.

The new ThreatDetect is built on LogRhythm's security information and event management system and is a logical next step in FishNet's cloud strategy. The company already sells a number of threat management services, including device compliance monitoring, firewall management, intrusion detection and prevention and remote access services.

The latest service gathers log data from a variety of network and security devices, such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, servers, routers and switches. FishNet is responsible for correlating and analyzing the data and alerting customers if it finds a pattern indicating a potential security threat.

For the roughly 100 companies subscribing to the managed security service, called ThreatProtect, the latest product would enable FishNet to spot a security threat and take remediation steps on the devices it manages, Aaron Shilts, executive vice president of services at Fishnet, says. "Because we're performing that end-to-end management, we can shutdown potential threats."

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Managed service customers range from about 200 employees to Fortune 1,000 companies, which will be the same target for ThreatDetect, Shilts said. Around the middle of the year, the company plans to introduce a branded identity and access management service. "That's a big area that we're working on now," Shilts said.

In December 2011, FishNet acquired identity management specialist Logic Trends. The 70-employee, Roswell, Ga.-based company was mostly a services business that combined its own technology with that of other companies, including Microsoft, CA, Centrify, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Oracle and RSA Security.

Privately held Logic Trends had $15 million to $20 million in revenue last year, which FishNet chief executive Gary Fish said he planned to double this year. FishNet had $422 million in revenue last year, an increase of 34 percent over 2010. The company is projecting similar growth this year, which would easily top $500 million in revenue.

FishNet is also focused on driving growth through cloud services for managing smartphones and tablets, according to Shilts. So-called mobile device management services typically include over-the-air distribution of applications, data and configuration settings. In addition, FishNet plans to launch security services to protect corporate data used in applications installed on a smartphone or tablet.

Shilts did not have a firm roadmap for launching mobile services, which could start rolling out this year. "It's certainly my goal, but I don't have a firm date yet," he said. "It's definitely high on our radar."