BeyondTrust Acquires eEye: Combining Protection Against Internal, External Threats

“BeyondTrust, from an access management point-of view, helps customers deal with risks from within their organizations while eEye focuses on vulnerability management, which is about the external threat” explained Jim Zierick, executive vice president of product operations at BeyondTrust, to CRN. “So the combination of these two companies addresses the comprehensive challenge. It’s a much richer stream of operational intelligence that reduces the threat profile and supports remediation, whether the data is on prem, mobile, or virtual.”

BeyondTrust plans to integrate eEye’s Retina CS Vulnerability Management and Analytics solutions with its PowerBroker family of products to deliver context-driven security and compliance solutions. Both products will continue to be available either separately or combined.

Targeted markets include financial services, defense, aerospace and other verticals with strong regulatory requirements. The Department of Defense selected eEye for eight consecutive years to protect the critical networks of the armed services. Additionally, BeyondTrust brings with it a large and impressive customer-base: six of the 10 largest U.S. pharmaceutical companies as well as a variety of universities, seven of the world’s 10 largest aerospace and defense firms, and eight of the world’s 10 largest banks.

From a go-to-market perspective, BeyondTrust has been mostly direct in the United States and indirect internationally. eEye, on the other hand, has been more focused on building key, U.S. channel relationships.

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“Look for us to continue that channel focus as a combined company,” said Brad Hibbert, vice president of Strategy and Products at eEye. “We have great products and a solid lead-gen model. We put the right tools into the hands of the channel to make our offerings easy to deploy. And the reporting functions included in the product help the partners prove their value to the end customer.”