FireMon Updates its Security Posture Management Platform

Leveraging a newly patented, risk-analysis engine, the Kansas-based security company can now help channel partners to analyze the accessibility from various threat sources, measuring the impact, depth and risk of a potential attack or simulated attack. Security Manager can also incorporate penetration test results with Rapid7 Metasploit into its risk scoring.

“Most people think of SIEM when they think of security management,” said FireMon President and CTO Jody Brazil. “There's nothing wrong with that, but SIEM is insufficient because, by its nature, it is reactive. FireMon, on the other hand, can provide effective and proactive security before anything happens. So, that’s what we mean when we discuss the overall security posture. You have to have great technology, but if it is not managed correctly, you're not going to get the effects that you're hoping to get.”

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In addition to the risk analysis engine, Version 6.0 adds suggestions for quantified and prioritized remediation, as well as a distributed architecture to support real-time performance and enterprise-class scalability.

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The go-to-market strategy offers a traditional resale model or a more services-oriented approach involving a network audit that precedes the sale. The latter can be executed through a license that gives the channel full rights to use the tool repeatedly, on a per consultant basis.

“This platform has been assisting our customers in developing a workflow strategy for their firewalls,” said Kurt Buckardt, CTO of Konsultek, an Elgin, Ill.-based partner that has been working with FireMon for the past two years. “It’s helping to drive risk out of the organization by incorporating and overlaying vulnerability management into the overall firewall management process. So, they’re able to do more with fewer resources.”

Prices start at approximately $1,500 per firewall for full capability, according to Brazil. The company has a dedicated channel support team and provides training on a global basis.