SailPoint Rolls Out New Cloud Security Identity Management Solution

“Business units are buying and deploying technology, and sometimes the IT department is out of the loop,” said Jackie Gilbert, vice president and general manager of the company’s cloud business unit. “But at the same time, the IT department is often responsible for compliance. So we are trying to bring business and IT back together and provide tools that are in line with what the business units want while at the same time giving IT the visibility and control that they need to ensure compliance and security.”

SailPoint’s cloud-based offering, known as AccessIQ, provides single sign-on (SSO) and self-service access request while ensuring that identity governance for cloud applications matches the framework in place for on-premises applications.

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“AccessIQ is a toolset that allows IT to become a service provider to the business,” said Chris Bauserman director of product marketing for SailPoint’s cloud business unit. “There are two basic components. The App Launchpad gives users the opportunity to go into any of the web apps or cloud apps they have from a single portal on any device, using a single sign-on experience. The second piece is the App Store, which gives them a broad catalog of IT-sponsored applications. Plus we can add additional security control by providing stronger authentication if IT decides that a particular application is risky or if a particular user is doing things that are particularly risky.”

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The hosted, multi-tenant service uses a tablet-like interface, and it provides full audit capability to assist with forensics and reports supporting compliance efforts, policy enforcement, approval processes, etc.

“This rollout brings a new dimension to SailPoint,” said Robert Block, vice president of the IAM Services Group at Kansas City-based FishNet Security. “I think the App Launchpad is going to be very popular because it gives you dash-board-like, single sign-on capability. Security loves the idea of compartmentalizing your ability to get to a number of applications, and the end user likes the ability to pull up a secure browser and have all their applications immediately available.”

AccessIQ is scheduled to be generally available in Q3 of this year with per-user subscription-based pricing. The service will be delivered by SailPoint, but consulting services will be performed by channel partners.