Trend Micro Strengthens SMB Managed Service Provider Program

The company has expanded its set of MSP enabled tools and solutions to help partners transform into cloud service providers and has also put its money where its mouth is, when it comes to incentives.

New elements include a self-provisioning licensing platform and Web-based management that enables MSP partners to self-provision and auto-renew licenses in minutes, according to Magi Diego, Trend Micro’s director of SMB marketing.

"This is all about making life easier for our partners and helping them to build solid and high-value businesses as managed service providers," she said. "We're trying to increase the speed of business while at the same time reducing the administrative requirements associated with our business security services offerings that include email, Web and desktop security-as-a-service."

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The new program goes live in October in North America. Purchases and renewals can be conducted on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. A full range of certifications and specializations will also be made available through the Trend Micro partner portal. Successful completion of these training programs culminates increased incremental benefits that include priority leads, preferred listing on the partner locator, bonus payouts via the new incentive program and special pricing.

"We have been seeing 200 percent year-over-year growth in the United States MSP market," explained Diego. "So, we're really happy to help our partners make that leap into services. I think some of them are afraid they're going to lose money, and there's a lot of effort needed to figure things out. So, our ability to provide security-as-a-service helps them to make the transition."

All of this is good news to Robert Kyslinger, managing partner at Omnipotech, a Houston, Texas-based managed service provider.

"I think the MSP programs are getting better," he said. "I really like the monthly reporting. I think there's huge opportunity in the MSP community for that. We can sell Trend Micro's products in a very modular way. And, I think the whole channel has gotten really better at communicating with vendors and helping to evolve these programs. We have better processes, we have better people and we invest more in our relationships."

Through the years, Kyslinger says he’s learned to effectively navigate channel program changes. And while he sees the Trend Micro changes as an improvement, he says the main thing he needs to see is a level playing field.

"It makes little difference to me what the individual vendors do, as long as it is the same for everybody," he said. "If we all get thrown up on the rocks, I believe my company will come up with a better plan. If you're selling on business value, you will thrive. We let the other people bottom feed. That's not our market."