McAfee Rolls Out Global Profitability Program For Security Partners

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In an effort to help promote channel profitability, McAfee has rolled out a series of initiatives aimed at rewarding partners who proactively pursue McAfee security engagements.

“We’re trying to strengthen our relevancy with partners and also drive mutual profitability,” explained Gavin Struthers, McAfee’s senior vice president of worldwide channels. “The McAfee Profitability Stack, as we call it, is a holistic approach encompassing six building blocks, validated by our partner advisory councils, to make the value proposition better, richer and quicker for our partners.”

The combined “stack” enables Elite, Premier and Select partners to earn additional front-end margin, back-end rebates or sales incentives for a variety of functions involving new or existing business. These functions include upsale/cross-sale, as well as various services and value-added activities.

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Among the six building blocks, Deal Registration provides as much as 25 percent of additional margin on top of standard channel margins to reward partners who come to the table with incremental new business or suite upgrades. In a similar fashion, the “Incumbency Advantage” component supports additional margin on the first round of license renewals, providing an advantage against competing partners attempting to take the account.

“We’re very glad that they are revamping deal registration,” said Andrew Plato, president of Anitian Enterprise Security, a Portland-based McAfee partner. “In the past, registrations were getting declined and even poached by the direct reps. This made us very hesitant to register larger deals. Hopefully, this changes all that.”

In the area of post-sales rebates, McAfee will now issue a weekly tracking report designed to streamline the administration of these incentives. Also, the Accredited Channel Engineer incentive rebate is now available globally.

At the individual level, the Rewards program provides partner sales representatives and engineers with a variety of cash and prizes, including quarterly Top Performer payouts of $25,000 for SMB Endpoint and $35,000 for Commercial Endpoint. Current participants can now earn up to $500 in referral bonuses.

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