Oracle Updates Identity Management Capabilities

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On the mobility side of the equation, Oracle has also added a component that basically extends your web single sign-on to mobile platforms, using the REST lightweight protocol. The Redwood Shores, Calif.-based company is also delivering software development kits that will help customers to capture information about the device or collect other data that can be sent to the server to assist the administrator in setting up security policies. Single sign-on capabilities are also being extended to support multiple mobile apps, in the event the customers have more than one mobile application that needs to be accessed.

"This essentially means that you login once and all the apps involved pick up the same security credential," said Jasuja. "If the individual is using a device that the system is seeing for the first time or from an unfamiliar area, you can issue a separate challenge to further authenticate."

Jasuja added that channel partners can leverage this technology to create self-service interfaces for data access, and embed extensive customization that will not have to be repeated for each upgrade or security patch.

"This has been a long time in the making," said Steve Giovannetti, CTO at Hub City Media, an Edison, N.J.-based channel partner. "This moves identity management from administrative focus to more of a user focus, because the interface takes people from an IT-centric model to a more intuitive model that is more user-friendly."


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