VMworld: Kaspersky Lab Previews New Security Solution For VMware Ready Program

The forthcoming rollout will be able to be used in conjunction with the company's agentless security solution for VMware vShield Endpoint, which was announced six months ago. The combined offering will be manageable from a single platform designed to establish straightforward deployment, automatic protection of new virtual machines, mapping of both logical and physical computing structures, automatic security updates, and similar security needs of virtual, physical and mobile environments.

The technology is being developed in conjunction with VMware in order to help ensure smooth integration and interoperation between the offerings of the two respective companies while providing the framework to endorse the combined value propositions as validated joint solutions.

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"Our intention is to help customers activate virtualization at their own pace," said Mark Birmingham, director of product marketing at Kaspersky. "This will provide a very solid foundation, particularly for the small to medium business segments that have often struggled with the complexity around virtualization."

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All network traffic scanning is off-loaded to a single anti-malware signature database and anti-malware scanning engine, ensuring organizations reap the maximum resource efficiency from their virtual network.

"The primary differentiator would be management for virtual, physical, and mobile environments from a single pane of glass," explained Nancy Reynolds, senior vice president of corporate sales at Kaspersky. "But, the channel and the customers will also appreciate the light resource footprint."

The company points to a huge opportunity for channel partners to serve their customers through the Kaspersky product lines. "We have data that suggests that as much as 53 percent of businesses in the United States are not securing their virtual infrastructure," said Birmingham. "We are amazed by that."

Meanwhile, the Russian-based company continues to work on brand recognition. According to Birmingham, Kaspersky has higher brand recognition in Moscow than Microsoft, and while the name is widely known among information security-savvy people all over the globe, brand awareness among end-users in the United States only ranges between 48 percent and 52 percent. According to the same survey, 27 percent of the respondents believe that the security risks in a virtual environment are lower or significantly lower than those for physical infrastructure.

"Geeks love us!" chuckled Birmingham. "Once we are installed, we are usually never taken out."

The solution is currently being demoed at VMworld in San Francisco this week. Product availability and pricing has not been finalized, though the company expects to announce general availability during March or April of next year.