17 Heavy Hitters On Apple's Security Team

Little is known about Apple's security team, and that's just the way Apple wants it. The company allows some of its security people to attend industry conferences and events, but they tend to keep a very low profile. Scanning LinkedIn provides a glimpse of the staff members and their roles, and following are 17 examples, many of whom you've probably never heard of before, and some of which appear to be pseudonyms.

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1. Wiley Hodges, Director, OS X Product Marketing: Leads the team that sets product marketing and product management direction for core Apple technologies, including graphics and media, core OS, developer tools, security, networking and automation.

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2. Eric Albert, Director, Product Security and iOS Performance, Power, Data Analysis and Web Services: Had product security added to his title in July 2011.

3. Drew Yao, Product Security Engineer

4. Ivan Krstić, Core OS Security Samurai: Former director of security architecture at One Laptop Per Child (OLPC).

5. Jacques Vidrine, Security Ninja (OS Security Manager)

6. Wade Benson, Security Engineer: Joined in 2011 from PGP.

7. Matthew Murphy, Security Engineer/PKI Expert: Joined in 2007.

8. Braden Thomas, Software Security Engineer: Fuzzing, malware response. Joined in 2006.

9. Huzefa Mogri, Information Security Engineer: Penetration testing, network and application security assessments, Web security, compliance, enterprise security tool implementations, information security risk management, vulnerability assessment, *nix systems, host and network defense, OS hardening, WAN/LAN networking, malware research and response, security operations, intrusion detection systems, binary reverse engineering, security research, x86 assembly, botnets, antivirus.

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10. Peter Ziatek, Director, Information Security

11. Ty Weiss, Director, Information Security

12. Marvin Fernandez, Information Security Engineer: Penetration tester, digital forensics. Joined in 2005.

13. Alan Ptak, Computer Security Incident Response: Threat analysis and mitigation, adaptive intrusion prevention systems, security architectures and incident handling. Deep technical knowledge of Internet threats including email spam, botnets and malware. Security advisor, instructor and courseware developer. Joined in 2011.

14. DB Cooper, Senior Director, InfoSec and SecOps

15. Dylan Loomis: Information security, information security risk management, IT security risk assessment, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, Unix systems, WAN/LAN networking. Joined in 2007.

16. Kevin Blanchard: CISSP, security engineer, security architecture and engineering, penetration testing, ethical hacking, PKI engineering, information assurance, intrusion detection systems. Joined in 2010.

17. Graydon McKee: MSIA, CISSP, Information Security Program Manager, Worldwide Operations: Works with Apple Project Teams and third parties to protect the sensitivity and confidentiality of Apple proprietary information and assets. Works with internal project and business teams to develop systems, procedures and techniques to ensure "need-to-know" is enforced across the entire supply chain from idea conception and development through final shipment to the customer. Assists in the investigation of information leaks from various points in the global supply chain. Joined in 2010.