CRN Security News

  • U.N. Site Victim Of Global Malware Attack
    The latest attack against the U.N. Web site is similar to one launched at the beginning of the month, which affected numerous legitimate U.S. news and travel sites.
  • Hackers Develop Automated Exploits
    Security experts say that the research shows that automating the exploit process is the next logical step for an increasingly sophisticated and organized criminal underground.
  • Custom Systems Best Sellers: x86 Chips
    What a difference a year makes. When 2006 was winding down, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. was riding high. The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based chip maker had shipped dual core Opteron and Athlon processors ahead of its giant rival down the road in Santa Clara, and was cutting into Intel Corp.'s market share in the x86 market.
  • Custom Systems Best Sellers: Motherboards
    Motherboard manufacturers have spent much of the past year in transition, encountering a landscape that included a product mix increasingly tilting toward quad-core systems on the server as well as desktop side.
  • Best Sellers In The Custom Systems Market
    When it comes to building custom systems, staying on the forefront of technology is crucial. The very nature of these VARs' jobs is complex: There is no such thing as a standard solution. Different customers require different solutions.
  • Choosing Chips
    A look at the various processors - AMD, VIA, TI, Intel. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each. Aim is to provide a clear look at what each has going for it, and to provide some perspective as to where the market is heading.
  • Review: eSoft -- Small Box, Big Protection
    Unified threat management tends to be a weighty matter, and not just in theory. UTMs are at times heavy, cumbersome rack-mountable boxes that can span a wide footprint when data center space is at a premium. It was a nice surprise receiving eSoft's InstaGate 404e appliance—a lightweight contender in the integrated security market coming in at around 3.5 pounds and measuring a diminutive 9 inches x 6.25 inches.
  • Custom Systems Best Sellers: Desktop/Server Memory
    The fast adoption of server virtualization and new chip technologies are leading to a shift in the amount and types of server and desktop memory that system builders will be purchasing through the rest of 2008.
  • Episode 5 of the 2008 Kaseya MSP Education Series

    Bundled Strategies for Data Protection
    All indicators predict a continued and relentless increase in the number of threats aimed at your customer networks. But stamping out these threats with point products is no longer a cost-effective approach. What's needed is a bundled solution that brings the anti-virus, email protection, anti-spyware and other end-point security tools all under one management framework