CRN Security News

  • D&H has a mountain of experience in getting new products built

    Distribution Sparks White-Box Innovation
    Michael Schwab, vice president of purchasing for Harrisburg, Pa.-based D&H Distributing, recently talked to CRN about where he sees opportunities for innovation for his company's custom-systems-builder customers.
  • Extricom's EXWO-404 system answers the changing role of WLAN

    Flying Free: Bringing Wireless To The Wired
    There are many reasons to "cut the cord" on the local network, among them supporting mobile employees and simplifying network setup and maintenance. There are also reasons to stay plugged: performance and reliability. The WLAN enterprise solution from Israeli-based Extricom can ease those concerns, and let businesses use wireless technology more effectively.
  • Ingram Micro Taps Web 2.0 To Build Partner Relationships
    Ingram Micro became the first distributor to tap into the power of Web 2.0 by offering its reseller customer communities a collection of social-networking sites that will allow them to build relationships and hopefully drive more sales into the small-business market by sharing best practices and business strategies.
  • Handling Objections in Unified Threat Management
    Deepak Thadani, president of New York-based SysIntegrators, leads with Unified Threat Management appliances at his SMB and SoHo client sites. He shares some tips for other solution providers looking to convince clients that UTM devices are right for their businesses.
  • Review: Cenzic Hailstorm ARC 5.0
    With the release of version 5.0, the Hailstorm Enterprise ARC Web-based management application can now deploy the Hailstorm security engine across an enterprise. ARC is more than just a portal that manages many Hailstorm engines simultaneously. The software also helps IT managers and developers manage unsecured code.
  • CRNtech engineers take a look at three UTM products targeted at SMBs

    Bake-Off: Unified Threat Management Appliances
    You can squeeze a whole lot of security out of a good Unified Threat Management (UTM) product, because these appliances carry up to a dozen intrusion-prevention and network-protection safeguards all in one box. For the most part, solution providers like to install a UTM device at a small- to midsize-business client site and let it handle jobs typically taken on by several hardware and software solutions. ClearPointe Technology has taken that strategy and run with it.