CRN Security News

  • Choosing Chips
    A look at the various processors - AMD, VIA, TI, Intel. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each. Aim is to provide a clear look at what each has going for it, and to provide some perspective as to where the market is heading.
  • Episode 5 of the 2008 Kaseya MSP Education Series

    Bundled Strategies for Data Protection
    All indicators predict a continued and relentless increase in the number of threats aimed at your customer networks. But stamping out these threats with point products is no longer a cost-effective approach. What's needed is a bundled solution that brings the anti-virus, email protection, anti-spyware and other end-point security tools all under one management framework
  • The Interview: Art Coviello
    Art Coviello, president of RSA Security, weighs in on new security threats, IT spending issues and the challenges his company faces.
  • 25 Bizarre Scenes From RSA 2008
    Think RSA Conference is only about security products? Think again. Security vendors got to demonstrate to their customers their own uniqueness in the marketplace as well as their own innovative approach to security, with the funny, the fantastic and the downright weird.
  • 12 Crazy Ads From RSA 2008
    The buzz was a bit quieter at RSA 2008 than it has been in previous years, but that doesn't mean some vendors didn't arrive in San Francisco loaded for bear with high impact advertising. ChannelWeb hit the show floor as soon as the doors opened on day one of the annual security conference, and the following are some of the most eye catching ads we encountered. And when we say 'eye catching', that doesn't always mean they made sense.