CRN Security News

  • IronPort Upgrades E-mail Security Management
    The M-Series security management appliance is designed for the changing roles of messaging administrators who deal with copious amounts of spam and other e-mail threats on a daily basis.
  • EMC-RSA vs. Symantec-Veritas
    EMC Corp. RSA Security Division President Art Coviello sees a clear difference between the EMC-RSA Security Inc. merger vs. the Symantec Corp.-Veritas Software Corp. union: EMC-RSA simply had the security assets to deliver upon the promise of bringing together security and storage, while Symantec simply did not.
  • With Linux and Open Source, only the strongest firewalls survive

    Everybody Get Inline
    Connecting a system to the Internet is a risky proposition, even with the latest patches and security updates. Intrusion-detection systems have proved their worth from a network security monitoring perspective, but there is no substitute for a good inline mechanism to enforce policy.
  • McAfee Releases Comprehensive DLP Suite
    The all-in-one security suite addresses problems associated with loss of mobile devices as well as the increasingly stringent disclosure regulations that many enterprises face.
  • Top VoIP Threats And Vulnerabilities
    As the use of VoIP continues to grow, so does the number of threats and vulnerabilities hackers can use to attack a system. Whether it's malicious, for financial gain or for bragging rights, 2008 will see an evolving roster of threats to VoIP systems.
  • The Top 9 VoIP Threats For 2008
    Threats and vulnerabilities to VoIP systems were top of mind for many in 2007, and by the looks of it, 2008 isn't going to be much different.
  • Watch out for the year's newest wave of security threats

    Storm Warning
    Phishing scams. Malware. Data loss.
  • Review: Putting UTM To The Test
    While the be-all, end-all unified threat management solution doesn't yet exist, some UTM solutions are definitely better than others.