CRN Security News

  • Hassle-Free Honeypot: KFSensor
    Security analysts have adopted honeypots in many scenarios to give them a heads-up on the IT threats that are emerging. The Test Center examines a commercial honeypot to see if solution providers might want to give it a look.
  • Vista Assurances?
    Microsoft last week did what a lot of partners were hoping it would do: go on the attack against those clever but shameless Mac ads that lampoon Vista.
  • DNS Flaw Leads To Internet 'Poisoning' Attacks
    Numerous vendors, including Microsoft, have already developed a fix for the DNS protocol glitch, which can lead attackers to launch a cache poisoning attack to redirect Internet users to malicious Websites.
  • Microsoft Warns Of Attack Exploiting ActiveX Flaw
    Just a day before Microsoft's regularly scheduled Patch Tuesday update release, the company issued a security advisory, warning users of a "targeted" attack exploiting a vulnerability in its ActiveX control for the Snapshot Viewer.
  • Mac Attacks Back: 9 Hot Security Products
    While once Mac users could enjoy a relatively secure, virus-free existence, changing times have forced them to beef up security to protect against a barrage of viruses. Check out these nine products designed to do the job.
  • The Top Emerging Security Vendors
    Solution providers looking to get ahead in the security segment have a wealth of choices, with 40 innovative vendors tracked by the 2008 CRN Emerging Vendor list.
  • Critical Flaws Open Up Firefox 2.0x To Attack
    The Firefox errors, deemed by researchers as highly critical, could allow remote cyber criminals to unleash cross-site scripting and spoofing attacks, bypass security restrictions and expose sensitive information.
  • Hackers Hijack Sites of Internet Organizations
    The cyber attacks on ICANN and IANA, which rerouted visitors to a rogue site, come just a day after ICANN announced that it planned to open up restrictions on Internet domain names.
  • Yahoo Fixes Critical Mail Flaw
    The cross site scripting vulnerabilty, which was repaired June 13, occurs with interaction between Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger desktop application, and had the potential to affect hundreds of millions of users.
  • One VAR's Websense deployment resulted in not only spyware protection, but also countless man-hours saved

    Tackling Spyware Before It's Too Late
    When AutomationDirect's spyware problems reached their nadir a few years ago, the Cumming, Ga.-based industrial-automation company had pushed a 10-person IT staff to its working limits. Every security solution they had tried already had meant time- and money-guzzling remediation efforts, so when a solution provider suggested a suite from San Diego-based Websense Inc., they were open to trying something new.
  • How To Love Linux On The Desktop
    Blowing away a computer and installing a different operating system is all part of a day's work for the Test Center. In fact, some projects in the Test Center over the past year have included a lot of time spent simply installing and reinstalling various Linux distributions on a single machine.
  • Review: Security--Proactive Style
    Earlier this year, to take a proactive approach to threat analysis, the CRN Test Center adopted Core Impact 7.5, a comprehensive penetration testing suite from security vendor Core Security Technologies, Boston, as a part of its security testing toolkit.
  • Mucking Up Malware
    Bakeoff: Three security appliances block, tackle when it comes to Web threats.
  • How To Handle Objections To All-In-One Technology
    David Kolssak, managing partner of Turnkey IT Inc., a Wheeling, Ill.-based solution provider, sells voice solutions based around office-in-a-box appliances. Here he discusses handling objections from SMB customers when it comes to all-in-one technology:
  • The Former Cisco Five's Revolutionary Firewalls
    If you haven't heard of Rohati Systems Inc., you're probably not alone. But that could change soon. Founded by five former Cisco Systems Inc. engineers, startup Rohati Systems Inc., Sunnyvale, Calif., recently made its entrance onto the network security stage, with the goal of entirely revamping traditional firewall solutions.