CRN Security News

  • MySpace Wins $6 Million From 'Spam King' Richter
    An arbitrator ordered Scott Richter to pay MySpace damages for sending unsolicited e-mails to members, but the award was only a fraction of what the social networking giant initially demanded.
  • John Thompson On The Changing Face Of Security
    Symantec's chairman and CEO, discusses coming developments in security integration, Microsoft's aggressive security patents, changes to the Altiris endpoint management and service platform, and much more.
  • 'Cyberbully' Mom Pleads Not Guilty In MySpace Case
    Lori Drew, the "cyberbully" mom charged with indirectly causing a teenage girl to commit suicide, yesterday pleaded not guilty on Monday in a four-count indictment returned by a federal grand jury.
  • Broadcom's Digital Home Of The Future
    From streaming high-def video from your cell phone to your flat screen, to playing a wireless electric guitar, here's some of the things we might see in the All-American home in the not-too-distant future.
  • Apple Repairs Five QuickTime Flaws
    Apple issued Five QuickTime updates plugging security holes which fix memory corruption flows, buffer stack overflow vulnerabilities, and URL file handling issues.
  • Review: ArchiCrypt Live 5.0
    Self-proclaimed as the Most Popular German Encryption Software, Exklamate Software's ArchiCrypt Live 5.0 is now setting its sights on English speaking countries and the U.S. is on the target list. The Test Center gave the latest version a once-over to see what it offers.
  • Microsoft Fixes Critical Flaws In IE, Bluetooth
    Microsoft issued three patches fixing critical errors in Internet Explorer, Bluetooth and DirectX for its June Patch Tuesday. However, an error in Apple's Safari that allows remote code execution on Windows remains unpatched.
  • Sophos' Partner Growth Spurs Earnings
    Sophos execs a attribute strong financial performance to numerous product enhancements and agressive channel sales from its North American partner base that averaged more than 164 percent growth.
  • Gone Phishing: Untangle Gateway Platform Delivers
    Phishing takes many forms as it tries to compromise and steal user data. Antiphishing also takes on many forms, as it scans Web and e-mail traffic and examines network activity. The Untangle Gateway Platform from Untangle Inc., San Mateo, Calif., offers an antiphishing solution as part of a comprehensive product offering.
  • Cisco Issues Five Security Alerts
    The errors appear in the Cisco ASA 5500 Series and the Cisco Pix security appliances, but experts say that there are apparently no malicious exploits.
  • Recycle, Don't Pitch, Your Cisco PIX
    Astaro is going green to gain a competitive advantage. The security vendor laucnhed a program that offers customers a discount and free recycling if they swap out end-of-life Cisco PIX appliances for Astaro's Security Gateway.