CRN Security News

  • Trend Micro: SaaS Security
    Trend Micro last week launched its SecureCloud Software-as-a-Service security platform for partners, with new protection against botnets.
  • PineApp Enhances Anti-Spam Channel Push
    The company's channel program offers 30 percent margins on all sales for gold-certified solution providers, and 25 percent margins for silver-certified partners.
  • Network Access Control Made Easy
    Network access control technology was the darling of the security industry in 2006, as vendors spent much of their time squawking about how their NAC offerings could do just about everything but cure cancer. Yet now that the hype around NAC has quieted, a clearer picture is emerging about what the technology means for the channel.
  • Building A Better SAN
    A SAN kit includes everything needed to put a high-performance SAN in place for not too much money.
  • Harry Potter and the Spoiler of Secrets
    Despite a $20-million security effort to protect its midnight unveiling, 'The Deathly Hallows' was leaked over the Internet. Security pros tell ChannelWeb how they could have made sure that didn't happen.
  • Microsoft Partners: Forefront Not Ready For Business
    Microsoft is plotting a full scale assault in the enterprise security market, but some Microsoft partners aren't exactly brimming with confidence over the market-readiness of its Forefront line of security products.
  • Security IVSs step up with new and improved ways to safeguard Vista

    Hitting The Target
    It's a never-ending cat-and-mouse game in the security arena these days, and Vista represents a new target for hackers. Can ISVs save the day?
  • Talent-Hungry Microsoft To Open Development Center In Canada
    A week after an immigration reform bill stalled in the Senate that would have boosted the U.S. government limit on H1-B visas, Microsoft on Thursday announced plans to open a new software development center in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Here's all you'll need to know for getting videoconferencing/videophone to work on a Linux desktop.

    Videoconferencing for Linux
    Here's all you'll need to know for getting videoconferencing/videophone to work on a Linux desktop.