Security Firm Ramps Up Partner Program To Attack DDoS

The Hudson, Mass.-based company has shifted its strategy away from intrusion prevention, instead focusing on putting its appliance in front of the router and firewall, where it can provide distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection and, through its partnership with Webroot, the company's IP reputation service can be used to weed out nefarious traffic and server exploits before they reach the firewall.

"We eliminate all of this kind of unwanted, bad traffic eating up cycles on infrastructure, and we maximize revenue driving traffic," Corero President Marty Meyer told CRN. "We're focused on our messaging strategy and the creation of this evaluation seed program."

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Under the program, Corero will provide partners with no-cost evaluation units and dedicated support for customers to "try and buy." The company is building a lead program and will provide assistance during the sales process.

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Corero is also investing in its self-service partner portal, offering registered opportunity protection to safeguard partner revenues through registration via the partner portal. The out-of-the box program includes training as well as funded partner-labeled events, including webinars, lunch and learns and breakfast briefings.

Corero acquired IPS vendor Top Layer Security in 2010. Since then the company has been trying to build out its market presence.

Meyer said his team found that many of its customers were not using its intrusion prevention appliance as they had originally thought but instead were deploying it for load balancing and anti-DDoS. The company has built relationships with Accuvant and Fishnet and ramped up its program from 30 partners a year ago to nearly 80 partners today, including 20 new partners in North America, Meyer said.

Much of the momentum came from high-profile DDoS attacks targeting U.S. banks. In potential deals, the company sometimes competes with Radware, which has DDoS capabilities, Meyer said, and a range of other features. Arbor Networks' Pravail on-premise network security and management appliance also competes in the DDoS space.

The company is appealing to classic networking providers that are seeing issues arise due to the wave of new DDoS attacks the old infrastructure can’t stop, said Mike Deskewies Corero's vice president of channels. "Once the light bulb turns on, they can see that we're totally complementary to their program," Deskewies said, adding that all inbound organic leads will go back to a partner.

The company will continue to grow its base of partners with a focus on major cities. "We're focused on creating market pull for the product," he said. "We're building out our partners, but we're being very careful to ensure they're not stepping on each other."

Regional sales managers are deployed and work with partners, Deskewies said. The company is doing well selling into hosting companies and co-location facilities, where the device can sit in front of incoming traffic, he said.